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At SEOPRO, we believe that if it is generated by a tool, it is not an SEO audit, but deceit. A manual SEO audit helps in evaluating all the SEO parameters that can affect your website’s rankings. To do an SEO audit, it’s necessary to know more than 200 parameters that Google uses to rank a website. We are specialists in SEO rankings, and that’s we provide you with the best SEO audit services online.

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In-House Experts

To confirm the exceptional quality of SEO audit reports every time, we assign a dedicated team of SEO auditors for the smooth completion of the task. Rest assured that we neither employ fly-by-night freelancers nor any automated tools for auditing SEO for a website. Thus, we give you the best trajectory to follow.

On-the-Dot Delivery

We value our commitments to our customers, and on-time completion of your SEO audit is our commitment that we will never ever break. Thus, you will get the delivery of your website SEO audit right on time. In fact, we usually audit reports earlier than the committed deadline.

100% Quality Assurance

Providing top-quality services is our main concern so that we can help you translate your objectives into an actionable plan. It’s our quality service that helps us survive in this industry. Also, our QA experts review your SEO audit report and double-check it before delivery.

Excellent Results

When you engage our professional SEO audit services, the quality of results you receive will pay for itself and will be able to improve your business in multiple ways. To help you grow is the basic ethos of our company.

Improve your eCommerce

Online stores are in a great need for a constant audit to match the demands of their customers, SEOPRO is ever-read to help you improve your eCommerce store through an online SEO audit.

Higher ROI, Bigger Brand

When clients come to us, they are most interested in knowing if we can increase their ROI and make their brand popular across. We simply answer, “This is what we do at SEOPRO.” Once we start your project with SEO auditing, your business will become unstoppable.

One-Stop Solution

We are a firm with complete digital solutions. Thus, after your website’s SEO auditing, you will further services that are necessary to grow your business to the maximum income potential along with branding.

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Your web SEO audit is half the battle won. And we help you win it completely.

  • What is a website SEO audit?
  • Do I need to do a website audit?
  • What is a content audit?
  • What is an on-page audit?
  • What is an off-page audit?

What is a website SEO audit?

An SEO audit of a website is a technical analysis of all the parameters that play a crucial role in the site’s rankings. While carrying out a web audit, we may not focus exclusively on SEO but on other criteria such as usability. The main objectives of an online site audit are the following: • Detect the weak points of the website and implement solutions • Improve and enhance the strengths of the site • Evaluate usability and navigability for the users • Analyze the main parameters that affect SEO

Do I need to do a website audit?

Yes, every website owner does, especially who has got a new website, and it applies to the web owners have one or more existing websites. Whenever a website is oriented to the public, as it is the case with online stores, it’s advisable to audit the website on a regular basis. A deep analysis also brings us a series of points that allow us to improve the experience of our users. Particularly, all eCommerce stores should undergo a web audit from time to time to check their level of usability that is based on the user experience.

What is a content audit?

The audit of a site should also include content analysis. Both your website and your blog offer different content that includes text and multimedia, and these contents allow us to include the keywords with which we can reach the users organically. Hence, it’s essential to optimize the complete content of your website.

What is an on-page audit?

The SEO audit begins with a complete on-page audit as there are about 150 ranking parameters that involve on-page factors; not all of them have the same importance, though. However, it’s necessary to evaluate them all to get a clear picture.
A well-optimized webpage is an excellent base for SEO. On the contrary, if your website is not well worked on its internal part, it will be very difficult to rank it and receive organic traffic. In an on-page audit, we focus on analyzing the following points: • Website architecture • Title tags, description, friendly URLs, image tags and internal linking • Broken links • Webpages giving 404 error • Internal and external duplicate content • Sitemaps files and the robots.txt file • Quality and relevance of the content • Website’s loading speed • Website’s mobile-friendly version • Usability and user response

What is an off-page audit?

The off-page SEO audit criterion refers to the elements that affect your ranking due to external websites. For the most part, the off-page SEO is based on links on external websites that point to your site. Thus, it’s important to assess its status and know its degree of influence on your site’s rankings. In an off-page audit, we focus on analyzing the following points: • The current level of authority versus the competition • Current external link profile • Identification of opportunity to obtain additional external links • Identification of toxic links and their disavowal

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There is ROI, and then there is everything else.

Is it Ok to use a free SEO audit tool?

There are many free SEO audit tools so you can conduct an online SEO audit for free to assess your site’s SEO trajectory. However, these free tools aren’t worth it. These free SEO audit tool never go deep into the content, and this type of analysis focuses on the basic parameters, without actually analyzing the impact that keywords could have on ranking.

We are specialized in complete SEO services, so we study point-by-point all the ranking parameters of your site, and we give you the best possible solutions so that your website can find its way to the top for sure. We get to analyze thousands of keywords and their real impact on SEO strategies every day. Remember that there is no alternative to a manual SEO audit.

How do we conduct an SEO audit?

So, SEO audit is our first steps to make an SEO campaign. First, the website is thoroughly reviewed to propose an action plan. This is like going to the doctor. The first thing the doctor tells us to do is take a blood test or an x-ray. That would be the audit phase. Then the doctor, according to the results of the tests, recommends a treatment to follow.

Likewise, as an SEO can’t apply changes on the web or execute SEO tactics if he or she hasn’t previously performed an audit job. As a professional firm, we give you the roadmap to follow in an SEO campaign.

To get a complete overview of a suitable SEO plan, we carry out a content audit, on-page SEO audit, and off-page SEO audit. We also consider the following elements:
• Business model
• Niche
• Type of web programming
• Age of site (Is the site new or old?)
• Competition
Again, an SEO audit is more of an artisan job where you have to identify the causes of the errors found and then solve them in the best way. Thus, an SEO audit is always better if it is done manually.

Competitive Analysis

Between Moz and Ahrefs tools you will be able to see what keywords your competition is ranking for, who they are getting links from, and how they are beating you. Analyzing those you’re competing with is crucial. This can help you see what keywords are realistically out of reach, what keywords your competitors are feasting on (and these could easily be attainable ones that you missed), and who you might be able to get links from, helping you get past your competition.

This analyzing the competition should affect every single decision you make moving forward with your campaigns because this information is absolute gold.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is extremely important because the user experience of a website makes a major difference when it comes to SEO. Is your website mobile friendly? Is the SSL correctly installed? Are there missing pages or re-direct issues? These just scratch the surface of technical based questions that are really important.

Test your website’s loading speed (it should be under 2 seconds), check to see that Google is getting your site’s XML Sitemap and watch out for duplicate content (this includes meta tags!). Technical issues might seem small in comparison to the books being written on on-site and off-site SEO, but it is a part of the program that you do not want to screw up!

Page Level Analysis

This analysis is all about making sure everything is properly optimized. Great content is important, but it still needs to be optimized the right way to be effective for SEO. This means the keyword being in the title, in the meta description, in the first few sentences, and in the last sentence.

In addition to this, the URL needs to be clean and optimized, and the photos must have alt tags. Finally, take advantage of internal linking but make sure it is done properly (see the linking section for more on this).

Content Quality Analysis

First cover the basics: your content should be original, written at a native level of proficiency, and be useful & informative. Figuring out what makes content quality can be difficult, and if you’re not a professional writer or editor, consider hiring one for an honest audit. Judging your own writing can be extremely difficult, and this is why in the publishing world writers have editors at every level. While this can seem like an excessive expense, it is a great way to make sure that some fresh eyes check out the content, compare it to the competition’s, and can give you an honest answer on whether it is really high quality or if it doesn’t hold up as much as you think it does.

On top of this nebulous idea of quality, the posts should be easy to read, entertaining in style, and longer is better. These should all be parts of your content analysis.

User Experience Analysis

You need to rely on Google Analytics to know this for sure. Two main stats you want to look at bounce rate and average time on site. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who leave the website after visiting just one page. Ideally, you want this to be lower, though it doesn’t have to be overly low – if you’re at 98% then that’s a problem.

Average time on site is a big one. This is exactly what it sounds like, and more engaged visitors are obviously going to stay longer. This is seen as a particularly important stat for SEO and is an obvious way to measure the experience that users are having with your website. The better the experience, the better your overall situation when it comes to SEO.

Full Link Profile Analysis

There’s no question that links are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization. The tools you use should look at backlink type, the number of links, their relevance to your website’s niche, keyword anchors used, and more. Backlinks from other websites are important, but there is no denying that some are much more important than others.

Some main points you want to look at:

Note on internal links: This is the one time when all links should be direct anchor keywords. Don’t get fancy, don’t mix it up. If you’re linking internally to a post about Keyword A, an internal link from another post should be labeled Keyword A.

Let's give your business the attention it deserves
Let's give your business the attention it deserves